Terms and Conditions

  1. All orders will be acknowledged. If we don't respond
    to your order please check that we have received it.
  2. If an order is cancelled and production has begun,
    the cost of part production will be charged.
  3. Tooling. This is a charge made by the manufacturer to
    make tooling to produce your items. This encompasses
    the technology, and production artwork as well as the physical components. Tools remain the property of the manufacturer, but the customer retains rights as the
    sole purchaser of the product.
  4. Tooling is oiled and maintained after use, and kept for
    3 years without re-use. After this time it is terminated. Customers should try to re-order a product within the
    3 year period to keep the tooling alive.
  5. Pre production samples are available, but full production tooling will be invoiced. It is important that the customer studies the production artwork prior to any manufacture
    to make sure everything is correct.
  6. Deliveries will be made by the most optimum method.
    Should the customer have a preferred option this
    should be made known before despatch.
  7. It is the customers responsibility to make sure any copyrights are not contravened. We will not accept any liability for any such infringements.
  8. Customers will no doubt understand the importance of cash flow, so it is expected of them to pay accounts when they are due, particularly since we don't usually ask for a deposit.

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