Customised Medals

These are medals which are specifically designed for your organization or event,
usually featuring your logo or crest.  These are obviously unique to you and make
your award very special.

There is a tooling charge which will vary depending on the type of manufacture,
which in turn will be determined by the quantity, size, shape and finish required.
The three main types of manufacture are spin cast, zinc die cast, and die struck.

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Die Struck

Tooling is somewhere between the above two methods, but you wouldn’t consider this method for quantities less than 100. These medals are stamped mostly out of copper, which is good for electroplating and engraving. They are by far the best quality.



Most medals are available in either bright or antique finishes which are achieved by electroplating. Zinc die cast and die struck can also be sandblasted to give a textured or dull effect to the background. Enamel colours can  be added to any medal.

We will advise you which will give best effect and give you the best value for your dollar.

Spin Cast

Tooling is relatively inexpensive and suitable for small quantities. It is however very labour intensive, so not so suitable for large quantities. The sharp detail can sometimes be difficult to reproduce, and this needs to be taken into account when preparing artwork.


Zinc Die Cast

Set up cost are expensive, so this method would not really be considered for quantities less that 500. Because the metal, zinc, is relatively cheap, the unit costs are cheaper. The bigger the quantity, the lower the unit cost.